Members Share The Impact They Experience

Michele K shared this: “I’ve been a member of the Business Opportunity Network since
its inception. What most attracted me to the group is that it fulfills two aspects of
business growth that I continuously need — networking AND coaching. I can’t think of
another group that does both so successfully. Diane’s coaching / leadership is invaluable
to my business, and the relationships I’ve built with other members have truly kept us
moving in a positive direction. I always leave meetings feeling energized and recharged
for the week ahead. And when I think about where to spend my valuable “out of office”
time — our group meetings are always at the top of my list. The Business Opportunity Network is a tremendous asset to my business.”


Other members have said: “If I never get another thing from The Business Opportunity Network, I got my money’s worth from the                                                                            group input about “Scope of Work”.  I really needed that input,” and “The Business                                                                                Opportunity Network is not only a great resource for industry contacts and referrals, i                                                                            it’s a unique environment where sound business intelligence is shared, ideas are                                                                                      brainstormed, and positivity and support abounds.”


                                                                           John G. put it this way, “Our group sincerely helps each other with leads and even                                                                                    better with general business matters such as process improvement, sales strategies,                                                                                human resource issues and even managing cash flow stress! It is like therapy. I find it is a good way to generate ideas for a strategy. A good way to bounce ideas or a new product idea off all the other members. There is a genuine desire amongst our group to help each other out.”


Kim G shares, “The Business Opportunity Network has allowed me to take my business to the next level. Diane Helbig has initiated great coach led discussions with our group. This past year we worked on our 30 second introductions to use when we are at network events. This exercise was a benefit for me to convey my company's message. Every meeting each member has an opportunity to receive referrals and to gain advice from our group on any pressing business issue. It is great to receive the feedback and insight from the group when discussing a particular topic. The topics range from strategic, sales and client retention, marketing, and human resources.It is amazing what great best practices come out of these discussions.”


From Janet G, “I have been a member of the Business Opportunity Network

for less than a year and members have generously helped open doors for

me that were unavailable before.  Diane’s quality coaching along with the

willingness of members to share their own experiences makes every

meeting valuable.”


Carol said, "Diane Helbig delivers reliable, motivational, succinct and

relevant coaching advice to entrepreneurial groups and individuals. She

embodies experience, wisdom and a keen insight into many sectors of the business world with clarity, warmth and directness."


Joe's experience, "The Business Opportunity Network is not only a great resource for industry contacts and referrals, it’s a unique environment where sound business intelligence is shared, ideas are brainstormed, and positivity and support abounds."



It’s clear to see that what makes these groups different is the focus on the whole business; on the growth and development of the owners and sales people. We’re building a very different program and the members are loving it! Helping them grow their businesses beyond the referral sharing process has a long term impact. That is, and will always be the goal of these groups.


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