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Qualifying Questions That Work

We had an awesome conversation in our meeting this morning around the topic of qualifying questions. When someone calls into your business what kinds of questions do you ask so you can qualify them quickly? How do you decrease the numbers of times you explore unqualified opportunities.

Alot of questions are based on the industry you are in. While many people start with budget, or financial questions, that might not be the best place to start. For example, in the catering or banquet industry the first question is about the date. Is there even a possibility here?

Use a decision tree. Think about what you need to know in order for you to determine if this is someone you might be able to help. What are the 3-5 questions that can quickly help you assess the opportunity? What is the proper order to ask those questions?

You want to use these questions as a guideline. There might be other questions you need to add to the conversation based on who they are and what they are asking. For example, if you get a call from a large organization and they are asking about one specific thing, you have a chance to ask them some other probing questions to gain some insight into what their larger goals and needs are. Doing a small job for a large company might be more worthwhile than a small job for a small company.

Budget is always an interesting thing. Try this - 'what is your typical spend on xyz?' This question is used by one of the Business Opportunity Network® Westside group members. It gives him a lot of insight into where the prospect is. Have they ever spent money on this thing? Do they actually have a budget for it? Is there a line item on their budget? What did they spend? What was the deliverable for that amount of money?

Take a look at what you know has led to a good engagement in the past. Craft your qualifying questions around those characteristics, asking the most important one first.

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