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When Prospects Go Radio Silent

Another great week of BON meetings! The members of both the Westside and Independence groups had the same issue they wanted to explore - why do prospects vanish after a 'great meeting.'

Such interesting stories of prospects who reach out, have a need, want to meet, engage in what is considered to be a great meeting, and then won't return phone calls.

What happened?

Honestly? The salesperson didn't ask enough critical questions at the beginning to qualify the prospect more effectively. We tend to get excited when someone contacts us. Add in a sense of urgency and we're off to the races. Unfortunately, I think our brain is then in the wrong place. We are so laser focused on giving them the solution that we don't take the time to ask the right questions.

Those questions include:

What is your decision making process?

What was your concern with your previous provider?

What will you base your decision on?

Are you speaking with other vendors?

Do you have a budget expectation?

If you receive satisfactory answers to those questions and go ahead with a meeting, the other thing that most salespeople miss is setting a follow up appointment. For a variety of reasons they will leave, feeling great, and then send a proposal via email. It's important when you are in the sales meeting to ensure you have a next meeting scheduled. This can be a litmus test of sorts. If they don't want to meet with you again they might not really be interested in working with you. Just saying!

Let's go out there and reframe the way we deal with these opportunities. We have an obligation to our business to make sure we go through the process and maintain control of the conversations.

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