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Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

As we work on our January topic of discussion we explored a variety of alliance aspects. One of the biggest issues is ensuring we are entering into a mutually beneficial relationship. And that takes time.

Some people shared how they have great resources they can share with prospects and customers but haven’t necessarily worked to further develop the relationship. This results in the group member not receiving referrals as well.

We explored a variety of ways strategic alliances can add value, including providing marketing assistance, serving as a mentor or mentee, and providing access to markets we may not have explored in the past.

We talked about the value in consistently engaging with strategic partners to be sure we are continuing to know what matters to them and what they need. At the same time, when first seeking strategic partners we have to be careful about rushing into it. Someone can look like a great partner on paper. However, until we really know someone we have no idea whether they are a good partner.

When we are out networking we also should be cautious about actively seeking an alliance. Being too aggressive and forward can alienate potential partners.

We all agreed that we should take a look at our current partners and rate them on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is not valuable and 5 is fantastic. When we know who we should be building a partnership with we then need a structured system to be sure we don’t drop the ball.

For our next meeting we are working on what those partners look like as well as ways we can professionally deal with people who are aggressive and pushy. It’s helpful to have responses we can use in the moment. Do you have a great way to respond to someone who is trying to sell you?

I can’t wait to see what we talk about at the next meeting! And if this is something you could benefit from, please consider joining us at a meeting the week of January 20th. Take a look at the calendar to see the best option for you.

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