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Reach Out To Current Clients

This morning the Westside group had a great conversation about reaching out to current clients. So many times we lose out on opportunities because we don't set up a system for ensuring we are consistently in conversation with clients. We assume they will reach out to us or that they don't have a need. That's usually not the case.

When we proceed on the premise of being of service as opposed to trying to sell it changes the dynamic. We engage with our clients to learn what is going on with them and what they are planning for.

There is some speculation that 2019 may be a tumultuous year. We have an obligation to know what our clients are anticipating so we can help them navigate. It's not necessarily an opportunity to sell something. It is absolutely an opportunity to further the relationship and be of assistance.

Think about all of the networking you do. One reason you do it is to develop a strong bench of resources. When you have your conversations with your clients about what they are expecting, and needing, you have resources you can share with them. This approach of caring about their future is better than caring about what you can sell to them.

A simple question - 'What are you planning to do differently next year?' can open up a world of information. The more you know, the better. For some people, this month of December is a great time to connect. For others, January and February are quieter times and therefore better for engaging in conversations.

One thing that came out of our conversation was the idea of approaching clients with the goal of furthering the relationship. The sales will come from there. However, if we approach clients with the goal of getting more business from them we will most likely miss out on both.

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