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Business Building Conversations

This week we had some great conversations in each of the group meetings. Heading into the new year it was interesting to hear how people were anticipating the business landscape in 2019. Some thought we were heading into a recession. Others were very optimistic about next year.

We talked about the value of visiting with current clients to discover how they are feeling. What do they expect? Are they optimistic? What changes or events do they anticipate in their industry?

These conversations have great value. First, they keep you connected to your customers in a non-salesy way. Second, you can learn a lot about what they have planned. And third, you can discover things about their industry. When you go to sell vertically you now have something to talk with them about. You are better informed.

A member of the Westside group tried this outreach idea and told me she secured 4 new pieces of business that day alone! We don't know what we don't know so we should never assume we have an idea of what our customers are thinking or needing.

We had a similar conversation in the Independence group and explored conversations we could be having with our clients. As you visit with your customers over the next couple of weeks think about what you'd like to know. What information would be valuable to your prospecting efforts?

In the Eastside meeting we helped one of the members develop titles and descriptions for programs she's going to be delivering this summer. This was such a great example of the value of these groups! Sometimes it's hard to work ON our business in isolation. But when we can borrow other minds, experiences, and ideas we can accomplish great things.

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